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James Allen

My Story

James Allen has been a committed and seasoned educator who has utilized his talents and skill sets in
instructional curriculum and design at both the public educational school system and collegiate level.
He has worked with a wide range of students from diverse populations having varying degrees of
giftedness and intelligence. James’ primary interest while working behind the scenes within the DJKP
organization is to corroborate his efforts with fellow team members, educational institutions, businesses
and state agencies on formulating vocational programs and apprentice-based educational tracks that
result in students potentially becoming gainfully employed by future employers.

James received both his Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education and Master of Science in
Educational Curriculum & Instruction from Baylor University; he received his Master of Science in
Educational Administration from Texas State University & Lamar University. Moreover, James has an
MBA degree in Healthcare Administration. James’ compassion for people has prompted him to pursue
the completion of either a BSN or Pharm D program which have always been on his bucket list of things

to complete in life!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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