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Ways you can get involved

One-On-One Tutoring


 Mentoring begins with the trust and ability to see everyone’s potential. Not every person begins at the same stage, but they all could create a positive impact on society, which begins with the guidance of mentors.

   Each of our programs deliver unique mentoring initiatives that help tap into the deserving youth annually and change their lives. Mentoring provides support and positively impacts the lives of tomorrow’s leaders today. 

Guest Speaker

Guest speakers are fundamental in breaking down the barriers of the classroom walls to deepen learning. The experience gives students the opportunity to connect with professionals and create meaningful learning connections. They create opportunities for students to practice professionalism and critical thinking.

   Each guest expands on the current knowledge to a deeper level. Preparation for a speaker allows students to understand the purpose of the guest speaker and create questions to ask during the session. It is an experience for the speaker and the students.

Male Lecturer
Charity Volunteers

Program Volunteer

 Volunteers are vital to nonprofit organizations. Their active participation in fundraising, marketing, and program delivery saves their organizations millions of dollars a year.

   About 77 million people, with an estimated worth of $25.43 per hour each, volunteer across the United States, according to the 2018 Volunteering in America report. For nonprofit leaders, volunteers are the backbone of the organization — something that’s especially true at organizations with a small staff or a unique mission, or for those in small or rural communities.

   We value to contribution of our volunteers.  They are very instrumental in making each program reach its full potential.  The more help the better opportunity to reach the needs of the community.

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