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Working Jointly to Effect Change

Our fight isn't one that can be fought alone. Dr. James Polk Academy works together with a number of dedicated organizations who share our passion for this important cause. We're grateful for the support of our partners, who make our programs possible.


ACC Eastview

A Key Contributor

ACC Eastview is a long-time partner and supporter of DJPA efforts. From offering facility space to partnership opportunities that feed back into our communities, DJPA and ACC Eastview is a partnership here to stay.


Notion Games

Invested in Our Future

Notion Games stands by their values and offers ongoing support to Dr. James Polk Academy, never forgetting the needs of the communities we serve. We appreciate the chance to learn from and work with such loyal partners.


Round Rock Community Centers

Our Earliest Supporters

Always available when we need them, Round Rock community steps up with whatever the situation calls for, contributing time, funding, expertise and much more. We know we can count on them no matter what.

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