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Dr. James Polk Academy: Our Story

Our Mission

Research suggests that children in the age groups associated with the 2nd-12th grades who do not have access to creative or performative education and access to progressive technologies are more likely to drop out of school.

DJPA will target these age groups using real, applied research and experience to assist in developing their academic, workplace and performing arts aspirations. Our collaborations with various state agencies and Fortune 500 companies will attract regional as well as national talent that appeals to students and the public alike. Therefore, open the way for offering training /certification courses, master classes and workshops in a variety of disciplines that will be open to the public as well as Academy students.

Our Vision


We believe that everyone needs a mentor—someone to trust, to share honestly with, and to enable us to be accountable to ourselves. We need spaces where we can be ourselves, to have our own ideas and vision. Giving a place for creative development can help boost self-development.



The diverse voices of young people drive the direction of our programs and our organization. When allowed to create or be a part of the creative process, our youth can practice problem-solving in a way that can lead to good communication and resolution-based thinking in real life.


We believe everyone is ready to inspire or be inspired, and that we all have something to teach and to learn. Teamwork makes the dream work…. Literally! We can all participate in some way from idea to manifestation, to learning and keeping the ideas of our culture.



We believe everyone can become a leader. When allowed to lead with direction and support, confidence in making better decisions for yourself and others.

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